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I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I love learning new things and teaching them to others. I get bored easily which is why I have tried so many different careers, all of them coming together now to help me create my dream business.

I’ve done corporate sales and training, teaching, marketing, biz and career coaching, bar work, customer services and recruitment to name a few! I’ve also run several businesses, starting with a fitness business when I was 23 years old.

I now realise that life’s too short to be in a job you hate and I love helping people find their true passion and monetise it so they can have true financial freedom and a happier life.

One of my fave things to do is help people find their true soul purpose using past life regression, intuitive coaching and astro-numerology. One of my other fave things is keeping fit. Health and wellness is very important to me. I love HIIT training and yoga but my favourite exercise is walking my little dog and appreciating nature.

have studied and am qualified in a wide range of subjects from holistic health to business coaching. Although I still love to help with the business and marketing side of things, my main passion now is helping people to transform themselves so they can go forwards with whatever it is they want to do.  A positive mindset, faith in the Universe and ultimate confidence is the key to success and happiness.

I  believe everyone is on this planet to share their gifts and talents with the world and to live a happy life where they feel safe, secure and loved. If you have mindset blocks holding you back, I want to help you release them so you can move forwards with confidence, like a huge weight has been lifted! I do this using my Stop, Drop and Sparkle formula and also my Total Transformation Blueprint made up of mind, body and soul work. You can’t have a happy life without all of these being in balance and I can show you how to do this.












Total Transformation


I am all about mindset transformation and I use Rapid Transformational Therapy,created by the UK’s no. 1 therapist, Marisa Peer,  which is a mix of regression hypnosis, psychotherapy, NLP and CBT to get deep into the root cause of why you’re too scared to go for what you want so we can release these blocks once and for all.


Getting comfortable with putting yourself out there and going for your dreams can sometimes be about being confident in our own skin, so I offer one-to-one and group coaching programs to help you enhance your body image, ranging from fitness and nutrition programs to makeover tips and body acceptance programs to help you look and feel confident in your own skin.


I believe in an holistic approach to everything and to be truly happy you need a balance of mind, body and soul work. I provide Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy which combines both mindset and soul work and I also offer a range of holistic health and wellness products as well as packages to help you look and feel amazing.

Why I do what I do…

Book a One-to-One Online  Session

Past Life Therapy

I’ve brought back my one-hour Past Life Therapy mini RTT sessions. Choose one issue to resolve and go back to one past life to resolve it.

If your issue is not from a past life you will go back to the moment from childhood when your issue started.

If you have no issues and want to give it as a gift for that person who has everything or you want to find out who you were for entertainment, that’s possible to!

Full Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

You can book this session for any physical, mental or emotional issues from weight loss to anxiety or phobias.

I specialise in success blocks for entrepreneurs such as money blocks, imposter syndrome and visibility issues – especially fears of going on camera/video or performance anxiety related to marketing and self promotion.


Soul Purpose Side-Hustle Session

I offer these unique sessions to help you uncover your soul’s purpose or passion so you can start up a side hustle that can grow into a full time business, if you’d like it to. I use a combination of tools to make this a truly special experience. Would make an ideal gift.



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