Does the thought of doing on-camera videos scare the crap out of you?

Does the thought of people seeing your videos make you feel physically sick?

Are you hiding behind PowerPoint?

I know it’s hard putting yourself out there but if you’re in business YOU NEED TO BE VISIBLE

If you’re losing clients because you’re too scared to film yourself you’re seriously losing out!

Are your competitors rocking it on video with hundreds of adoring fans flocking to watch their livestreams?

Do you want that for you too?

Do you wish you had that confidence?


Maybe you’ve tried to face your fears, but every time you try to do an on-camera video your panic and anxiety takes over…

You might think it’s because of the way you look, or sound on video…

Maybe, you worry that you’ll freeze up like Garth in that scene from Wayne’s World! 


I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to worry any longer! I have the perfect solution…



What are you getting today?

  • Module 1: Identify Your fear             (Value $197)
  • Module 2: Release Your fear             (Value $197)
  • Module 3: Video Tips and tricks       (Value $197)
  • Full Recorded RTT Hypnosis             (Value $500)
  • Course Workbook                              (Value $47)
  • Transformation Hypnosis MP3         (Value $97)
  • Look Good on Camera PDF               (Value $47)
  • Bonus: Confidence Masterclass       (Value $97)
  • Bonus: FREE Facebook group           (Value $27)
  • Bonus: Video Vault Content PDF      (Value $27)
  • Bonus: Subliminal Hypnosis MP3     (Value $47)

TOTAL VALUE = ($1,480)

Normally $149


Tell me if this is you?


You’re holding yourself back from showing up online…

You hate seeing yourself on photos and videos

You know you should put your face on video but the thought makes you physically sick…

You feel like a failure watching your competitors rock it on video

You delete any videos you’ve been brave enough to film

You’re awake every night worrying about paying your bills…

You’ve tried all the video confidence courses but nothing has worked…

That was me too...

I hated seeing myself looking awkward on camera.

I felt fat and ugly and thought everybody else would think that too. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, not confident enough, not professional enough and certainly not knowledgeable or experienced enough to be talking to complete strangers online!

The first time I tried to do an on-camera video, nothing I did made me feel happy with it, so I deleted it!  

I knew I needed to get over this fear. I did the usual google search, looking for people who might be able to help.

I signed up for a few courses that promised to help, but they didn’t get to the root cause, which was a mindset issue.

I learned a lot about setting up for filming, what equipment and lighting to use and how to edit videos but nothing helped me overcome my fear of putting my face on camera…


So, what changed?

I created the Video Star Ultimate Video Confidence Program

It wasn’t until I started studying to become a Rapid Transformational Therapist that I made a massive breakthrough.

I did the same RTT session on myself that I give you in this program, alongside the other tools, tricks and tips I share with you and the difference was amazing!

I saw some gradual changes, at first, but then all of a sudden I was doing on-camera Facebook Live videos without even thinking!

I’d press the ‘go live’ button as if I was switching the kettle on to make a cup of tea!

Nowadays, I love doing lives and sharing my gifts and knowledge with the world and I want that for you too!

There is no other on-camera confidence course out there that goes deep to the heart of the issue – I know because the ones I did gave great tips but didn’t help me get rid of my fears. You’re here for a reason – it’s time for you to shine, baby!

I'm pleased to introduce Video Star...