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These workshops are for you if you’re currently unemployed or furloughed and about to lose your job OR if you need to bring some extra money in.


What’s Included?

Workshop 1 - 4th August 2020

This workshop is for you if you want to find a job in the same sector as your previous job or if you’re looking for your first ever job.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create your own CV
  • Learn the best way to complete application forms
  • Know the secrets of what employers look for
  • Find out the best ways to find jobs
  • Learn the best way to perform at interview

and much more…

Workshop 2 - 6th August 2020

This workshop is for you if you either want a career change as your chosen sector may still be on lockdown or you want to bring in some extra money while you’re on furlough.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify money-making skills/experience
  • Learn about freelancing
  • Know the basics of setting up a side business
  • Introduction to passive income



Why am I qualified to help?

About Me

I am a certified HR Professional and Business Coach and I’ve had several years’ experience in these sectors, including career coaching for my local council.

I know what employers look for when it comes to job applicants and I know the ‘hidden’ secrets to getting to the top of the sifting pile.

I’m an experienced interviewer and have worked in several companies where I’ve managed the CV sifting and I’ve interviewed candidates both on the telephone and in person.

As well as this I can help you market and promote yourself so you are confident when going for interviews and selling yourself.