Younger Looking Skin Hypnosis MP3 with Binaural Beats

Younger Looking Skin Hypnosis MP3 with Binaural Beats

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This MP3 hypnotherapy recording uses binaural beats technology to help entrain and reprogram your brain. Hypnotherapy is a perfectly safe state we all enter naturally several times a day and binaural beats have been deemed safe; however, if you are concerned about undergoing hypnotherapy or using binaural beats technology please consult your medical practitioner before using this MP3.

Please be aware there are no refunds for digital downloads, so please make sure you are safe to use this product before purchase.

Copyright Angie Fish (Angelfish Wellness Hypnotherapy Recordings) 2020


Full Description

This is an anti-aging hypnosis MP3 with binaural beats to help encourage skin cell turnover and maintain a youthful skin.  Hypnosis has been proven to have all sorts of beneficial effects and scientists have found that maintaining or, in some cases, reversing the aging process of the skin is entirely possible using hypnosis and other mindfulness exercises, such as meditation. This recording uses cell command therapy to instruct your cells to renew at the same rate as someone much younger so your skin looks renewed and refreshed every time you listen to the recording.

You should not undergo hypnosis if you are epileptic, have high blood pressure or any form of psychosis. Please consult your medical practitioner before undergoing hypnosis if you are unsure.

**This sound track is a delta tones binaural beats track which should be listened to using headphones. Although research shows binaural brain training is perfectly safe, please consult your medical practitioner if you are unsure about its effects. **

**You should listen to this recording for a minimum of 21 days to achieve the best results **