Chakra Balancing Hypnosis MP3 download

Chakra Balancing Hypnosis MP3 download

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This MP3 hypnotherapy recording uses binaural beats technology to help entrain and reprogram your brain. Hypnotherapy is a perfectly safe state we all enter naturally several times a day and binaural beats have been deemed safe; however, if you are concerned about undergoing hypnotherapy or using binaural beats technology please consult your medical practitioner before using this MP3.

Please be aware there are no refunds for digital downloads, so please make sure you are safe to use this product before purchase.

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Full Description

Your chakras are spinning energy centres positioned in the centre of your energetic body. When one or more chakras is out of alignment it can cause a wide range of emotional, mental or physical issues. This Hypnosis recording will help you balance and align all your chakras to achieve perfect health.

If you want to know more about chakras, visit my academy (link at the bottom of the page) as I have a chakra healing practitioner course you can do to help you balance your own chakras as well as those of clients.

This recording is no substitute for medical advice or a healthy lifestyle. Please consult your medical practitioner before using it you’re concerned about any health issues.

Listen to it for at least 21 days to achieve the best results; however, you should notice positive changes after just a couple of listens as your chakras get back into perfect alignment.