Freedom from Guilt Binaural Beats Hypnotherapy MP3

Freedom from Guilt Binaural Beats Hypnotherapy MP3

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If you’re struggling with either one main issue or several problems in various areas of your life it could be down to unresolved guilt. If this is not dealt with it can have a negative affect on all areas of your life, particularly health.

This MP3 will help you release guilt once and for all so you can live the life you deserve.

**This product uses hypnosis and binaural beats technology so please consult your Medical Practitioner before Purchase.**



Full Description

Guilt is one of the worst emotions anyone can have as it is constantly there in the background, affecting everything we do. We can’t relax and we won’t allow ourselves to be happy because there is the feeling we don’t deserve it.

This MP3 teaches you to forgive yourself and others so that the guilty feelings subside and, by listening to this every day for at least 28 days you should find yourself feeling much happier and lighter as the guilt dissolves.

Using Brain entrainment Binaural Beats technology this MP3 will take you into deep delta sleep state. You should use headphones when listening. Research has shown Binaural Beats to be perfectly safe, but if you are worried, please consult your medical practitioner.

You should not undergo hypnosis if you are epileptic, suffer from high blood pressure or have any form of psychosis. Please consult your medical practioner before purchasing and listening to this recording.