Virtual Detox Hypnosis MP3 recording

Virtual Detox Hypnosis MP3 recording

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This MP3 hypnotherapy recording uses binaural beats technology to help entrain and reprogram your brain. Hypnotherapy is a perfectly safe state we all enter naturally several times a day and binaural beats have been deemed safe; however, if you are concerned about undergoing hypnotherapy or using binaural beats technology please consult your medical practitioner before using this MP3.

Please be aware there are no refunds for digital downloads, so please make sure you are safe to use this product before purchase.

Copyright Angie Fish (Angelfish Wellness Hypnotherapy Recordings) 2020


Full Description

If you’ve been overindulging lately, whether it’s too much food or alcohol, or maybe you’re hungover from a one-off heavy night out!

This recording can help your cells and organs eliminate toxins from your body using cell command therapy.

This recording is no substitute for medical advice or a healthy lifestyle.

Listen to this recording when you need a boost. This recording can also help jumpstart a physical detox program and works to enhance, not replace, this form of detoxification.

Listening to this regularly can help maintain an effective bodily elimination system and you may notice symptoms of tiredness, skin flare-ups, sweating and more frequent urination as the body attempts to remove toxins from your system.

Please consult your medical practitioner before using this recording if you are concerned about any health issues. Do not use if you have epilepsy or psychosis or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.