Would you like to put your face on camera and actually enjoy doing it? What if you could show up on camera with no fear whatsoever? Your wait is over…

Welcome to the Ultimate On-Camera Confidence Program to help you  promote yourself online using video.


If you aren’t doing live or on-camera videos, you will get left behind.


This intensive program not only gives you the practical tools to succeed on camera, but we get right down to the root cause of why you’re too scared to do it so you can deal with it once and for all!



Does this Sound Like You?

  • You run a business and you’d like more clients…

  • You’re holding yourself back from showing up online…

  • You hate seeing yourself on photos or on video

  • You know you should be getting in front of the camera to promote your business but the very thought of this makes you feel physically sick…

  • You feel like a failure, watching all your competitors posting videos of themselves looking gorgeous and confident – attracting the clients you know you can help too!

  • You know you need to do the same thing otherwise you may lose your business but every time you record an on-camera video you end up deleting it!

If this is you, I know exactly how you feel as that was me too!

I’ve been in the online space for over 10 years but it’s only in the past year, when I’ve started to do on-camera videos, that I’ve noticed a significant growth in my business. I knew I needed to get my face on camera, rather than hiding behind my PowerPoint slides and screen recordings if I wanted to attract my target audience but each time I tried to do a recording I felt physically sick….

I hated seeing myself looking awkward on camera. I felt fat and ugly and thought everybody else would think that too. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, not confident enough, not professional enough and certainly not knowledgeable or experienced enough to be talking to complete strangers online!

The first time I tried to do an on-camera video, I remember thinking how horrible I looked and sounded and how I’d feel better if I could edit it so it looked more professional, as I thought it looked too amateurish. I uploaded it to my video editor and nothing I did made me feel happy with it, so I deleted it!  

I felt like I’d wasted a whole load of time and yet I knew, deep down, that I needed to get over this fear. I did the usual google search, looking for people who might be able to help. I signed up for a few courses that promised to help, but they didn’t get to the root cause, which was a mindset issue. I learned a lot about setting up for filming, what equipment and lighting to use and how to edit videos but nothing helped me overcome my fear of putting my face on camera.

So, What changed?

I Created the Video Rockstar Program

It wasn’t until I started studying Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer that I made a massive breakthrough.

I did the same RTT session on myself that I give you in this program, alongside the other tools, tricks and tips I share with you and the difference was amazing!

I saw some gradual changes, at first, but then all of a sudden I was doing on-camera Facebook Live videos without even thinking!

I’d press the ‘go live’ button as if I was switching the kettle on to make a cup of tea!

Nowadays, I love doing lives and sharing my gifts and knowledge with the world and I want that for you too!

And now you CAN do it too! I’m pleased to announce the launch of the ultimate on-camera confidence program – Video Rockstar. There is no other on-camera confidence course out there that goes deep to the heart of the issue – I know because the ones I did gave great tips but didn’t help me get rid of my fears. You’re here for a reason – it’s time for you to shine, baby!



Why should you do this program?

Rapid Transformational Coaching

What makes this program different to the other video confidence courses out there is the inner mindset work.

We use Rapid Transformational Therapy to regress you back to the root cause of why you are too scared to go on video so you can finally clear it.

It doesn’t matter how much you learn about creating videos, you won’t get on camera without dealing with your mindset blocks – I know, I’ve been there!

Confidence Tools

It’s only when you’ve released your mindset blocks that you can start to learn the confidence tools that will help you look and feel good on camera.

Learn how to reprogram your mind with positive suggestions that go deep into the subconscious mind to help you get on camera without thinking.

Once you’re done with this program, you’ll actually love doing video and you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t do it earlier!

Practical Strategies

It wouldn’t be a video course without some actual tips and tricks about creating and editing a video now, would it?

We give you the tips and tricks to help you record on-camera videos using your mobile phone or laptop and we also cover editing software to polish your on-camera videos so you look like a professional.

Rock your videos with the right backdrop, lighting and props and enjoy!

What do others have to say?

Selling products or services online can be tough. You can quietly add something to your website, but if you aren’t telling people about it, they will never find it! Enter Angela Fish and her Video Rockstar course. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Angela over the past few months. Her course is packed with a variety of practical and effective tools to increase your online presence. Angela’s warm and gentle presence was a joy to watch. It was easy to participate in the course because she held space for all of us in a gentle and uplifting way. I definitely grew both personally and professionally while taking it. I was intrigued by the offering, because as an entrepreneur, I’ve felt reluctant to put my products and services out there online, all the while, knowing that I needed to. Well, after the first RTT session (which Angela offers in her course), I went straight to Instagram and started posting! This course is not just about increasing your online presence, but about building the relationship you have with yourself so that you can understand how to move forward when inevitable hurdles pop up in your business. An added bonus is Angela’s beautiful presence guiding you through. I highly recommend this course.

Melissa Georgiou

 I love and appreciate your authenticity, for the clear and calm way you are able to present your knowledge and experiences…I am certainly experiencing greater confidence in speaking and sharing my  voice now having followed and implemented your tools and techniques…

Jean Allison

What Do You Get with this Program?

Module 1 - Stop (Identify your blocks)

This is the most important module where we find the REAL reason you are too scared to put your face on camera! 

The results may shock you but, once you’ve found the truth about your fears, you can start to release them once and for all.

This is the only on-camera confidence program out there currently that offers this deep mindset work and you’ll notice transformations in all areas of your life and business.

This includes:

  • Recorded Rapid Transformational Therapy session
  • NLP timeline therapy
  • Hypnotherapy MP3
  • Workbook

Module 2 - DROP (release those blocks)

This is the core part of the program where we release the blocks you identified in module 1 so the real transformation can start.

In this module I provide you with a wide range of tools and strategies you can use to release blocks and reprogram you rnind with the positive suggestions you need to be able to get on camera without thinking and actually enjoy doing it!

This includes:

  • Hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Ho’opono’pono
  • EFT

Module 3 - Sparkle (Tips and tricks for perfect videos)

Now you’ve cleared your blocks and installed a positive success mindset, when it comes to putting your face on camera, you’ll be raring to go.

In this module I teach you how to record videos using your mobile and laptop and how to edit them. 

This includes:

  • What equipment to use
  • Resources to help you look and feel good on camera
  • Editing tips


Checkout these Amazing Bonuses

Video Vault Content Planner

This downloadable PDF contains ideas for weekly videos with space for you to create your own.

Confidence Masterclass

This video masterclass will give you even more hints and tips to help you get confident on and off camera.

Anti-aging smoothie Recipe booklet

Get radiant skin with my favourite smoothie recipes.

What’s Included?

Module 1: Identify Your issue(s)   (Value $197)

Module 2: Release Your Issue(s)   (Value $197)

Module 3 – Video Tips and tricks   (Value $197)

Full Recorded RTT Hypnosis          (Value $500)

Course Workbook                            (Value $47)

Transformation Hypnosis MP3     (Value $97)

Look Good on Camera PDF           (Value $47)

Bonus: Confidence Masterclass    (Value $97)

Bonus: Anti-aging smoothies PDF (Value $27)

Bonus: Video Vault Content PDF  (Value $27)

Bonus: Subliminal Hypnosis MP3 (Value $47)


TOTAL VALUE = ($1,480)

Normally $149








My 100% Money Back, No Risk Guarantee

Doing the Video Rockstar Program can literally  transform your life! When you release blocks in one area it has knock on effects on others and my students have seen amazing things happen in their lives and businesses after taking this program. I want that for you too, so please don’t let fear stop you!

My life has changed so much since doing this program and I know it will work for you too, which is why I’m offering a no risk guarantee. If you don’t identify and release the REAL REASON you’re too scared to go on camera then I don’t deserve your money. Just contact my team within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full refund.


More from my students…

So far I find the information offered very interesting. I appreciate the open-ness and the willingness of the instructor to share her knowledge in a warm and caring fashion.

Audrey Austin

Wow! I learned so much from this experience and CANNOT wait to use this in my practice! Thank you!!!

Ali Merkey


I’ve tried to answer as many Frequently Asked Questions here, as I can, but if you have a question that I’ve missed, please fill out the contact form below or DM me and I’ll be happy to answer it.

  1. Will this program work for me?

This is the question I get asked the most and the answer is YES. There is no reason why this wouldn’t work for you. It’s worked on me and the beta tester group of students that went through the first round of the program. RTT has also worked on several of my private clients. If you want to find out more about RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), check out Marisa Peer, who created this form of therapy. I have been trained by Marisa Peer herself and I know this form of therapy is amazing at uncovering the real reasons for issues in all areas of our lives. I have yet to find someone that this program hasn’t worked for.

2. Is Rapid Transformational Therapy Safe?

If you suffer from epilepsy, psychosis or issues with your heart or blood pressure then you should contact your medical practitioner before having Rapid Transformational Therapy or an other form of hypnosis. I do provide an alternative method of uncovering reasons why you are too scared to go on camera if you are unable to undergo RTT and you still want to do this program. RTT and hypnosis is generally safe for most people as it is a state we go in and out of naturally several times per day.

3. I’ve tried several on-camera confidence courses that promise a mindset transformation and they haven’t worked. How can I trust yours is any different?

I have also tried several programs and I know how you feel. I believe that you can learn a lot from doing as many different programs as possible; however, I know RTT can transform people’s lives and I know this program works. It worked on me and several other students. This program gets to the real root cause of why you’re too scared to put your face on camera and the results may surprise you. A lot of the other on-camera confidence courses focus on positive mindset tips and they don’t delve deep. This program delves deep into your subconscious and will get to the real reason so you can release it and stop it holding you back.

4. If it doesn’t work can I get my money back?

It is unlikely the program won’t work for you but if you find it isn’t what you were expecting you can request a refund within 30 days or purchase.

5. Why is this program so cheap? What’s the catch?

I know there are a lot of people out there who have gifts to share who are holding themselves back because of on-camera fears. I could ask ten times what this program is worth but I want to help as many people as possible get their gifts out into the world so we can make help make it a better place.

6. Is this just a mindset program or will it teach me to do videos too?

The core of this program is mindset; however, I do include practical tips and tricks to help you look and feel good on camera. I also provide some editing tips to help you edit your videos.

7. Do I need any special equipment to do this course?

No, You will need a mobile phone with on-camera video facility and/or a laptop as I give you tips on using both of these to produce videos. I don’t teach how to record videos using a video camera as I personally don’t use one and I know you can create perfectly good videos using a phone or laptop. While there are plenty of free video editing software packages out there, I recommend Adobe elements and include training on using that package to edit your videos. You don’t need this though, to do the course.








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