The Ultimate Program to help you confidently promote yourself online using video.

If you aren’t doing live or on-camera videos, you will get left behind.

This intensive program not only gives you the practical tools to succeed on camera, but we get right down to the root cause of why you’re too scared to do it so you can deal with it once and for all!


Why should you do this program?

Rapid Transformational Coaching

What makes this program different to the other video confidence courses out there is the inner mindset work.

We use Rapid Transformational Therapy to regress you back to the root cause of why you are too scared to go on video so you can finally clear it.

It doesn’t matter how much you learn about creating videos, you won’t get on camera without dealing with your blocks – I know, I’ve been there!

Video Tools

After the inner work, you’ll be raring to go so we’ll show you some tips, tricks and resources that will help you look and feel good on camera.

Learn how to structure your videos, come up with topics and speak with confidence. You’ll even learn how to enjoy doing lives without fear!

Once you’re done with this program, you’ll actually love doing video and you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t do it earlier!

Video Marketing Strategies

You wouldn’t be doing this course if you didn’t want to make money, would you?

The whole point of getting confident promoting yourself on video is so you can attract more clients.

We’ll help you identify your ideal client, craft the perfect message and share those videos in the right places so you’ll be attracting your perfect tribe easily, effortlessly and enthusistically!


What do others have to say?

Selling products or services online can be tough. You can quietly add something to your website, but if you aren’t telling people about it, they will never find it! Enter Angela Fish and her Online Superstar course. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Angela over the past few months. Her course is packed with a variety of practical and effective tools to increase your online presence. Angela’s warm and gentle presence was a joy to watch. It was easy to participate in the course because she held space for all of us in a gentle and uplifting way. I definitely grew both personally and professionally while taking it. I was intrigued by the offering, because as an entrepreneur, I’ve felt reluctant to put my products and services out there online, all the while, knowing that I needed to. Well, after the first RTT session (which Angela offers in her course), I went straight to Instagram and started posting! This course is not just about increasing your online presence, but about building the relationship you have with yourself so that you can understand how to move forward when inevitable hurdles pop up in your business. An added bonus is Angela’s beautiful presence guiding you through. I highly recommend this course.

Melissa Georgiou

 I love and appreciate your authenticity, for the clear and calm way you are able to present your knowledge and experiences…I am certainly experiencing greater confidence in speaking and sharing my  voice now having followed and implemented your tools and techniques…

Jean Allison

What Do You Get with this Program?

Week 1 - Ideal client work

This is our preparation week where I help you get clear on your target audience and how we will promote ourselves to them.

This forms the basis of everything we will be doing so it is important we do this right at the start and we do it in-depth so we can attract the right clients.

This includes:

  • Ideal client avatar in-depth work
  • Analysis of current offerings
  • Energetic Marketing

Week 2 - Branding and Copywriting

This is our marketing message week. Now we have our target client, we will craft our main message and use this to create various content, focusing on video.

This includes:

  • Creating your brand
  • Telling your story
  • What does your client want?
  • Copywriting and sales letters to create an effective video script for selling your products and services

Week 3 - Rapid Transformational Coaching

This is the most powerful part of the program and will help you dive down deep into your subcconcious mind to find out. You will be surprised at what you uncover and how it can transform your life and business.

This includes:

  • Group RTT session and MP3
  • Other mindset tools to help boost confidence


Week 4 - Video success tools

This week is all about finding the perfect video creation tools to help you grow your audience. Find out how to look and feel good on camera and identify which software will help you achieve the results you are after.

This includes:

  • Technical equipment
  • Software
  • Practical strategies
  • Live video confidence prep

Week 5 - Video Marketing

Now you have the confidence and tools you need to create engaging videos that your potential clients will love, it’s time to find out how to promote these videos so your clients can find you.

This includes:

  • Lead generation strategies
  • Where to share your videos
  • How to grow your tribe using live video
  • Organic and paid video marketing

Week 6 -Wrap-up week

This week is all about bringing everything together and give you a chance to share what you’ve learned with the group.

This includes;

  • Feedback on your videos
  • Feedback on your branding
  • Networking opportunities

**It also includes a bonus module teaching you how to create other videos you can use to engage your audience, such as personalised and animated videos **

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More from my students…

So far I find the information offered very interesting. I appreciate the open-ness and the willingness of the instructor to share her knowledge in a warm and caring fashion.

Audrey Austin

Wow! I learned so much from this experience and CANNOT wait to use this in my practice! Thank you!!!

Ali Merkey