Teach character & build a positive classroom community with SEL Coloring Pages!

Teach character & build a positive classroom community with SEL Coloring Pages!

Looking for a fun and educational way to help your students build good character? This set of coloring pages are the perfect way to introduce children to important character traits and build a strong foundation for a happy and successful life.

With a variety of options, this set is perfect for teaching students about important character traits like courage, empathy, and perseverance. The fun activities will also help kids develop important skills like self-control, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.

I like to use coloring sheets in kindergarten as follow-up activities to my Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons. The coloring sheets help reinforce the focus of each lesson, plus they are very good for practicing fine motor skills! The sheets are also a great summary of the lesson that gets sent home so my students can talk about the topics with their grownups.

I have a variety of coloring sheets in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop! Today I want to share a little more about my Character set.


If you are working on building character in your students and want to create a positive classroom community, this resource can help. These Character Traits Coloring Pages will be the perfect supplement to your lessons on Character. You can use these to help build social skills and positive character traits. These coloring sheets will give your students all kinds of examples and different scenarios related to showing good character and learning important life skills!

So what character traits are included in this coloring set?


  • accepting

  • brave

  • caring

  • compassionate

  • confident

  • considerate

  • cooperative

  • creative

  • curious

  • dependable

  • determined

  • encouraging

  • engaging

  • fair

  • friendly

  • generous

  • good citizen

  • grateful

  • hard-working

  • helpful

  • honest

  • humble

  • kind

  • mindful

  • motivated

  • patient

  • polite

  • productive

  • resilient

  • respectful

  • responsible

  • thoughtful

  • trustworthy

  • character

  • citizenship

  • courage

  • empathy

  • good attitude

  • hope

  • integrity

  • perseverance

  • self-control (3 options)

  • teamwork

  • work ethic


So how can you use these in your own classroom?

I would suggest reading different books about character and using them as a springboard to discuss different character traits, manners, and positive ways to treat others.

I like to create an anchor chart to discuss desired behaviors. Then we follow-up with these sheets to reinforce the good character traits that we studied.

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