It's so nice to see you here.

Welcome to School of Fish Teaching LLC! We are a creative and dynamic educational resource provider led by Angie Fish, a passionate teacher with 20 years of experience. Angie is currently teaching kindergarten for a diverse public school district in Wisconsin.

At School of Fish Teaching LLC, we believe that education should be fun as well as impactful. That's why we focus on creating resources that support teachers in developing positive relationships with students and making a lasting impact on their lives.

If you try any of our ideas and resources, please tag Angie on Instagram! We love seeing our resources used and will give you a shout out!


Angie’s passion for education has inspired her to create resources for teachers, in order to save them time. Our primary focus at School of Fish Teaching is on resources that help with good communication and organization, such as slide templates, classroom newsletters, conference helps, and door décor. Additionally, Angie has a special passion for creating kindergarten resources, including printables, digital games, and activities that are both engaging and fun and are aligned to the science of reading.

We are committed to helping teachers save time and make the most of their lessons. When it comes to teaching, Angie Fish from School of Fish Teaching has you covered!