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My Mission

Helping you live your best life through mind, body and soul transformation.

Live your fairytale life…

Do you think it’s impossible to have it all?

Are you one of those people who think that you can’t have money and love or that you can’t be a good mother and have a high-flying career?

Maybe you think that you can’t run a business because you’re too fat or too old or you can’t go to a spa because it’s not right to spend time and money on yourself when there’s more important things to spend your money on.

These are all myths and limiting beliefs you have carried round with you for too long and it’s my mission to help you release them so you can finally live the life you want. Life doesn’t have to be hard and you deserve to be happy. 

I can help you get the confidence you need to put yourself out there and go for your dreams.



How do I help?

I help you transform your life using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Intuitive Coaching. I can help you with a wide range of issues; however, I like to focus on helping you look and feel great so you have the confidence to go for your dreams.

Using my Stop, Drop & Sparkle System below, I help you get to the root cause of your issue so we can release it and stop it from ruining your life. I then help you replace those limiting beliefs with a positive mindset so you can go forwards with ultimate confidence towards your goals.

Unleash your inner goddess, by finding out what negative unconscious programming is stopping you and release it once and for all, so you can promote yourself on or offline, in life or in business with ultimate confidence helping you attract more clients, friends, relationships, opportunities and abundance.

I use this system for all of my transformation programs and you’ll notice when you transform one area of your life, the rest falls into place. I’ve known clients lose weight and attract new relationships as a result of doing one of my business programs, so don’t be surprised if you notice the same!



What is the Stop, Drop & Sparkle System?


First, I help you get your mindset sorted. This can include identifying and releasing fears holding you back, such as visibility fears, imposter syndrome and fears of success or failure so you can transform your life, health, business, relationships and much more.


Once you have the right mindset, we can move on to planning and preparing you for total transformation! I have a variety of 1:1 and group programs and all of them include a wide range of tools, resources and strategies to help you get set for bigger and better things!


Once you’ve got your mindset and strategy sorted, it’s time to get out there and do it. I can help you take those first steps into your dreams with my mind, body and spirit packages and 1:1 or group support. Whether it’s help with losing weight, finding your soul purpose or attracting supportive relationships, I can help you move forwards with unstoppable confidence.

Free Mini Trainings

You can watch any of my free trainings by clicking on any of these videos. I do a variety of talks and mini classes on mind, body and soul transformation and help with business, marketing or tecchie geek stuff. If you like what you see, please subscribe to my youtube channel and you will be notified when I do more videos and other trainings xx


Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Click the link to find out more about PLR therapy, what happens during a session and how it can help you...  ...

Past Life Regression Therapy

Click the link to find out more about PLR therapy, what happens during a session and how it can help you...   https://youtu.be/a1zVmyP1yeY

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy


Guest Reviews

I love and appreciate your authenticity, for the clear and calm way you are able to present your knowledge and experiences…I am certainly experiencing greater confidence in speaking and sharing my  voice now having followed and implemented your tools and techniques…

Jean Allison

The explanation and form of teaching is simply amazing!

Kabir Bajaj

This information will fit in nicely with my Life Coaching and Reiki practice. It’s a great introductory course with plenty of tools and techniques I can start using right away.

Sharon Reece

So far I find the information offered very interesting. I appreciate the open-ness and the willingness of the instructor to share her knowledge in a warm and caring fashion.

Audrey Austin

Selling products or services online can be tough. You can quietly add something to your website, but if you aren’t telling people about it, they will never find it! Enter Angela Fish and her Online Superstar course. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Angela over the past few months. Her course is packed with a variety of practical and effective tools to increase your online presence. Angela’s warm and gentle presence was a joy to watch. It was easy to participate in the course because she held space for all of us in a gentle and uplifting way. I definitely grew both personally and professionally while taking it. I was intrigued by the offering, because as an entrepreneur, I’ve felt reluctant to put my products and services out there online, all the while, knowing that I needed to. Well, after the first RTT session (which Angela offers in her course), I went straight to Instagram and started posting! This course is not just about increasing your online presence, but about building the relationship you have with yourself so that you can understand how to move forward when inevitable hurdles pop up in your business. An added bonus is Angela’s beautiful presence guiding you through. I highly recommend this course.

Melissa Georgiou

Wow! I learned so much from this experience and CANNOT wait to use this in my practice! Thank you!!!

Ali Merkey