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Word Chains | Word Chaining | Word Ladders | Science of Reading Aligned

Word Chains | Word Chaining | Word Ladders | Science of Reading Aligned

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In a structured literacy classroom, word chains are a vital component of teaching children to read! The Science of Reading tells us that higher level phonemic awareness activities are necessary for fluent readers. Word Chains have students change one phoneme at a time. They will practice substituting, adding, deleting. This manipulating of phonemes helps to strengthen word skills. Explicit phonics for the win!


This resource will give you everything you need to get started with word chaining! No more panicking to come up with words on the spot. It's all done for you!


What is included?

  • PDF with 36 pages
  • Recording Sheet Templates in three different styles. Additionally, some have sound boxes and some do not. 18 templates total! These come in half sheet, quarter sheet, and full sheet.
  • The templates are for word chains with 5, 8, or 10 words.
  • 104 different word lists!
  • Easy to differentiate for the needs of your students


Word chaining strengthens both phonics and phonemic awareness skills.  This is a simple but powerful tool to use in your structured literacy classroom!

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