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Blurting Out | Blurts | Interrupting | Blurting Out Activities

Blurting Out | Blurts | Interrupting | Blurting Out Activities

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Have you ever been frustrated by students who just keep interrupting when you're trying to teach? Do you have a super talkative class this year? Are you frustrated by students who cut you off constantly during instruction? Help is on the way! The Blurt Chart is a proven technique to help eliminate this classroom management issue!


Why use this?

  • Students who interrupt constantly need guidance to help them learn their actions are not showing respect to the instructors or their peers.
  • Blurting out is frustrating to both teachers and students!
  • The magical Blurt Chart is a fantastic, fun, and interactive intervention to teach students the skills of patience and self-control!
  • The best part? It works and it works fast!


What is included with this Blurting Out resource?

  • Ideas for implementation
  • Instructions for assembling your chart - with sample photosDigital Artwork
  • 7 different color schemes for the tokens / Blurt Guys
  • Title Posters or letters to cut out for your chart
  • Black and white option included
  • 2 different sizes of Blurt Guys
  • Individual desk charts included, too! 

How does the Blurt Chart work?

  • If a student talks/interrupts when the teacher is teaching or another student is answering, they are signaled to take down a Blurt Guy / emoji token. (Or you can do it for them.)
  • Once they lose all 3 tokens, they will lose out on a predetermined privilege, such as computer time or free choice time.
  • Conversely, you can also reward those students who have emojis left at the end of the day! 
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